Nebraska football receiver Dae'vonn Hall is officially 'in the game'

Dae'vonn Hall if officially the second Nebraska football player to announce he's signed up for EA Sports College Football 25.
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One of the longest-running mottos of the developers of EA Sports College Football 25 is that “when it’s in the game, it’s in the game.” The guarantee of realism is a big reason why EA Sports games are as popular as they are, even after decades of life.

We already know that Nebraska football is indeed “in the game.” Last week, EA sports made a media push last week announcing several details including the fact that all 134 FBS squads are in EA Sports Colelge Football. 

The company is also working hard to make the title super realistic by putting a ton of announcers into the game and getting up to 85 players per team to sign a contract allowing their NIL rights into the Summer release.

For the players to be officially involved, they need to sign a deal that will pay them $600 a piece and allow them to get their own copy of the game for free, on either the PlayStation or Xbox, whichever they prefer.

Since the announcement that the NIL deals were officially being sent to the players, some of the biggest starts have taken to social media to clarify that they’re signing up. Dylan Raiola was the very first Nebraska football player to do so, using his Instagram post to make the day of Husker fans.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers now have their second player to make it official. Incoming freshman Dae’vonn Hall took to his Twitter account to say that he too is officially “in the game.”

Dae’vonn hall representing Nebraska football in EA Sports College Football 25

While Raiola and one of his future targets are going to be part of the restarted college football video game series, their coach will not be. One of the weird twists of this story is that real life coaches aren’t included.

That means Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule won’t be standing on Memorial Stadium’s virtual sidelines. Unless name editing is a thing.