Nebraska football: Matt Rhule not in EA Sports College Football 25

The Nebraska football head coach as well as the rest of his staff aren't going to be included in EA Sports College Football 25 for some reason.
Purdue v Nebraska
Purdue v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

With just a couple of months until the full reveal of EA Sports College Football 25, Nebraska football fans are getting quite excited to once again take control of a digital version of the Huskers. However, it appears that once they are finally able to get their hands on the title, there is going to be big name missing.

Neither Matt Rhule, his assistant coaches, or apparently any other real-life college football games are slated to be in the game, according to a new report by ESPN. The good news is that it appears EA will consider having real-life coaches in the game in future iterations.

That does raise the question as just why the title's developers decided not to include Matt Rhule and company in this year's version. EA Sports College Football 25 has talked a lot about realism. They're hiring a ton broadcasters to be in the return to the franchise.

The Senior Bowl is even going to be involved in some way. But for some reason, a title that prides itself on saying "if it's in the game, it's in the game" won't have Matt Rhule. It won't have Ryan Day. It won't have any of the best coaches in the sport.

Nebraska football coach won't be in return of NCAA Football video game

Sean O'Brien, EA Sports vice president of business development, told ESPN the company is considering ways to "offer coaches the opportunity to opt in beyond Year 1." It's not clear why just offering money doesn't serve the purpose.

There are coaches organizations that should be able to negotiate on their behalf. Even if every coach doesn't opt in, quite a few almost certainly would. There's that much excitement over the return of the series.

While it still strikes me as odd that EA Sports College Football 25 won't have Nebraska football or any other real coaches in the game, it's clear that the developers are working on realism. Here's hoping they get it right.