Nebraska football teases role in EA Sports College Football 25

Now that we know EA Sports College Football 25 is officially coming this summer, it's time to talk about how Nebraska football will be involved.
Wisonsin v Nebraska
Wisonsin v Nebraska / Eric Francis/GettyImages

Now that we know that EA Sports College Football 25 is still coming and will arrive this summer, it’s officially time to get excited. It’s especially time to get excited about seeing guys like Dylan Raiola and Malachi Coleman in a video game for the first time.

There has been a ton of questions about the game. One of those questions, especially in the last few weeks is “is this actually going to happen?” The quiet from Electronic Arts in the face of rumors that there was going to be a reveal at the Super Bowl had people nervous. 

They were nervous right up until earlier this week when EA Sports College Football 25 officially gave its fans a belated Valentine’s Days present. The company released a new teaser trailer that was focused on letting people know the game is on the way.

In that teaser, the company said that the game is still coming this summer and that people who want to see what exactly will be in the game will get their wish in May. Just when in May is still a question, but at least we have a month we can circle on the calendar.

For it’s part, Nebraska football joined in the fun with a little tease of its own. Not long after the teaser was launched, the Huskers made it very clear Nebraska will be in the game and it will be a very realistic representation.

Nebraska football teases role in EA Sports College Football 25

The Nebraska football team tweeted out a picture that goes along with the new teaser. That picture is of one of their uniforms getting scanned. Obviously the unspoken truth is that this uniform will be in the game.

Alongside the picture, the Twitter account simply posted several eyeball emojis.

It wasn’t a big announcement. It wasn’t a ton of information to go off of. However, it does show that Nebraska football fans are right to get excited about EA Sports College Football 25.