Big recruiting wave: Nebraska football to host 20 top prospects in June

The Nebraska football team is set for a big June, with 20 top prospects visiting Lincoln on June 14 and June 21. Discover who Matt Rhule and his staff are targeting.
Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule walks with the team to the stadium.
Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule walks with the team to the stadium. / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska football team has had a relatively quiet couple of months on the recruiting front. However, things are about to get pretty loud.

The Huskers have a big June ahead of them. There's a ton of recruits coming to Lincoln to see what Matt Rhule and company have to offer. June could also be the month when Nebraska finally starts adding some players to the class.

In all, 20 prospects are slated to take visits in June. Things really start to ramp up on June 14 after the first couple of weeks continue to be as quiet as the rest of the month has been. Check out every player that's expected to take in the sights and sounds of Lincoln.

Recruits visiting Nebraska football on June 14

Jamal Frilot is one of those under the radar Texas prospects that the Nebraska football team is hoping is a diamond in the rough. Frilot played quarterback, tight end and safety in high school, it's likely he'll play on defense at the college level.

OT. 2025. Shawn Hammerbeck. Shawn Hammerbeck. ***

Hammerbeck is the latest big offensive lineman the Huskers are hoping to bring into the fold. Nebraska is considered the leader at the moment for the big offensive tackle, though it looks like it's going to be a fight to the finish with Minnesota.

WR. 2025. Bryson Hayes. Bryson Hayes. ***

Bryson Hayes is already a commit to the Huskers but he's coming back to Lincoln to see what he is in store for him. This is one of those visits where the Cornhuskers can lock down the receiver from Kansas and make sure he's signing on the dotted line in December.

Aiden Manutai. ***. S. 2025. Aiden Manutai

Aiden Manutai is a safety the Huskers are trying to lock down from Hawaii, though it has a fight on its hands. The Washington Huskies and the Nebraska football team are going to be going head-to-head for Manutai to the bitter end.

Brian Tapu. ***. OT. 2025. Brian Tapu

Yet another offensive lineman that Matt Rhule is hoping will call Lincoln home in 2025. It appears the race for Brian Tapu is going to come down to the Huskers and Iowa State. Though NU is currently considered the leader.

Corey Simms. ****. WR. 2025. Corey Simms

Corey Simms is an interesting legacy prospect, considering he's the son of a former Nebraska basketball player, Corey Simms Sr. Despite the ties to the university, the coaching staff is going to have to work hard to win the Kansas City receiver over from Missouri.

Nebraska football visitors on June 21

WR. 2025. Tanner Terch. Tanner Terch. ***

Terch is the second commit who is just coming into Lincoln to make sure he made the right decision. The Colorado receiver is one of those diamonds in the rough that Nebraska is hoping turns into something big. First they've gotta wrap him up in December though.

Pierce Mooberry. ***. LB. 2025. Pierce Mooberry

Pierce Mooberry isn't a Nebraska commit just yet, but it's expected that he will be at some point. The Millard North prospect is one of the best in the state and On3 currently rates him as having a 94 percent chance of landing with the Huskers.

RB. 2025. Conor Booth. Conor Booth. ***

Conor Booth is the third Nebraska football commit to be visiting in June. He's a pretty solid recruit considering like Mooberry, he's an in-state prospect. It never hurts to lock people down though.

Reiman Zebert. ***. TE. 2025. Reiman Zebert

Yet another in-state prospect, though this one isn't a Nebraska football commit just yet. Zebert is getting pursued quite hard by the Wisconsin Badgers and the Huskers need to find a way to fend off the Big Ten rivals.

***. WR. 2025. Rahim Hutchins. Rahim Hutchins

The Huskers are considered for the wide receiver prospect out of Pearland, Texas. For now, the biggest competition for Rahim Hutchins is Michigan State. Though it's possible Rhule could lock things down on his visit.

Jackson Carpenter. ***. WR. 2025. Jackson Carpenter

Yet another commit who is coming to see Nebraska football and making sure he made the right decision. The Lincoln receiver still has Kansas coming after him so it's an important visit.

Bryson Webber. ***. CB. 2025. Bryson Webber

Webber isn't quite a lock for the Nebraska football team yet, but he's close. He's another guy who could pull the trigger on the Huskers when he comes to town on June 21.

2025. Houston Kaahaaina-Torres. Houston Kaahaaina-Torres. ***. OL

The California offensive lineman is getting pursued by quite a few schools, including the Michigan State Spartans. He's taking a visit to Lansing just a few weeks before he comes to Lincoln on the 21st.

Chase Loftin. ****. TE. 2025. Chase Loftin

One of the best players in the state of Nebraska will give the Huskers a chance to lock him down when he makes his official visit on June 21. Chase Loftin has some of the best schools in the country coming after him.

RB. 2025. Jamarion Parker. Jamarion Parker. ****

Jamarion Parker is one of the biggest targets visiting in June. He's a guy that the Huskers have been trying to reel in since the summer. While they're considered a front runner, there's some question whether they can close the deal. The official visit could be their best opportunity.

****. DL. 2025. Kade Pietrzak. Kade Pietrzak

The best player in the state of North Dakota is another player that could end up being a big commit after he comes to visit next month. Kade Pietrzak is one of those guys who has been under the radar, but Nebraska football fans could get to know him quickly if he pulls the trigger.

Edge. 2025. Michael Riles. Michael Riles. ****

Michael Riles is another high profile prospect who could end up being a Husker before the end of June. The Texas edge has been considered a lean towards Nebraska for a while now.

DL. 2025. Jaylen Williams. Jaylen Williams. ****

Jaylen Williams is one of the rare visitors in June who isn't a Nebraska football lean. The Huskers are hoping to steal him away from Michigan and will be working overtime with a packed weekend. They'd love to get US Army Bowl invitee into the boat for Tony White's defense.

SJ Alofaituli. ****. IOL. 2025. SJ Alofaituli

This is yet another big visitor as the Nebraska football team has plenty of competition for SJ Alofaituli. Michigan and Miami are seen as the top competitors for the offensive lineman, but the Huskers have all the momentum.