Nebraska Football: Welcome to Lincoln, Matt Rhule?

Is today the day that the Nebraska football team finally has its new head coach? If the very strong rumors that are floating around are accurate, then Matt Rhule is in Lincoln now and will be at a press conference on Monday late morning or early afternoon.

Rumors have been going hot and heavy that the program was basically down to two candidates for the final announcement. A contingent believed that Mickey Joseph was very close to getting named the permanent head coach. However, as weeks passed and losses mounted, the idea that Mickey was the guy became less likely.

There has also been a lot more noise in recent weeks that the Nebraska football program has had its man for a little while and that’s why noise about a bunch of different names has been lacking. One could even argue that rumors have been flying around outside of Nebraska media that the Cornhuskers had their guy.

That rumor about Deion Sanders is almost certainly not true, but there was at least a kernel of truth hidden away somewhere. Who knows if Zach Smith was just totally guessing or had heard the wrong name? Knowing it’s Smith, he was probably making it up entirely but accidentally got it out there that the Huskers had a guy.

There was also the talk from a recent Nebraska football recruiting target about how the team wanted to change up the offense. The recruit, a recent quarterback offer, went so far as to claim that the 2023 version of the team would be running a far more RPO-centric attack.

At this point, it appears that the rumors are less rumors than they’ve been at any time since Scott Frost was fired. A coaching search that has been remarkably buttoned up, for the most part, seems to be leaking quite a bit lately.

White smoke seems to be emanating from Memorial Stadium and the Nebraska football team’s coaching search might finally be over.