Nebraska Football: Head coach search likely wrapped up, analyst says

The cheerleaders for the Nebraska Cornhuskers celebrate a score (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
The cheerleaders for the Nebraska Cornhuskers celebrate a score (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

On Friday afternoon, the big talk around the Nebraska football team was that Deion Sanders was the new head coach. While it seems unlikely that the rumor was true and that Prime Time is really coming here, there was at least part of that rumor that one Husker football watcher believes had a modicum of truth. He believes that the Cornhuskers have likely found their man and are just a few steps away from naming the new hire.

Not long after the Deion Sanders rumor circulated the internet, local radio station1620 The Zone talked to the Omaha World-Herald’s Dirk Chatelain about what he thought about the rumor as well as the Nebraska football coaching search in general.

Chatelain started by saying that he doesn’t believe that Mickey Joseph is the man to get the job. He said that any chance that the interim head coach was going to be named the permanent man for the job would have to come thanks to an upset win over Michigan. That’s something that almost no one even thinks is coming.

He then offered up his reasoning for why he thinks the Huskers already have their man.

"“Reading between the lines, the lack of information and rumor out there just indicates to me that this is either buttoned up and either done or real close to done.”"

The writer went on to say that he believed that if there were phone calls or work behind the scenes, there would be more rumors. He believes the silence means that “Trev has his man.”

He ended his comments by saying that he thinks the Nebraska football coaching search was both done and that it isn’t Mickey Joseph. On the other hand, he didn’t offer up who he thinks is the guy that Trev has landed.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct hosts Josh Peterson, and John Bishop did push back a bit on Chatelain’s idea. Both hosts believed that if the new coach had signed a contract, that itself, would be big news that would be very hard to keep quiet.

It’s worth pointing out that it would almost be shocking if Trev Alberts wasn’t at least zeroing in on his guy, considering the Nebraska football season will almost certainly be over at this time in two weeks.