Nebraska Football: Deion Sanders Husker deal rumor is weirdest yet


Does the Nebraska football team already have a deal in place with Deion Sanders? What has been one of the twisty-turnest coaching search in the history of the Huskers’ football program just had one heck of a big twist. That of course, is if you are actually among those who believes the source who started this particular whopper of a rumor.

The Deion Sanders to Nebraska football rumor seemed to pop out of nowhere on Friday afternoon when the Menace 2 Society podcast, most notably helmed by former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith popped up with a very special broadcast where he told the internet that the Jackson State head coach hasn’t just been targeted. He’s not just on the list. He’s been offered the job and accepted it. Even more than that, he’s already started to fill out his staff.

Smith claimed that it was the fact that “Prime Time” is looking to make some hires that actually allowed this rumor to get spread around. The podcaster said that a coach who was offered the offensive coordinator job by Sanders is the one who told him. If nothing else, it would seem like it would be relatively easy to narrow down and pinpoint who told Smith the news.

To his credit, Smith seemed to be all in on this particular rumor. Not only did he explain exactly how he knew that the Jackson State coach is heading to Nebraska football, but he made it very clear that he thinks the Huskers is the kind of job that the Hall of Fame defensive back would want. The podcaster also believes it would be the kind of job that would allow for a big turnaround.

There are obviously some problems with this story. The first is that Smith also preemptively walked his rumor back “just in case” this doesn’t happen. He talked at length about rumors or deals he knows went down that ended up never happening. So obviously, when Deion Sanders to Nebraska football doesn’t happen, he’s covered his bases.

When it comes to Zach Smith, it’s pretty important to consider the source. This former wide receivers coach is out of coaching in large part because he cannot get a coaching job because of an abusive relationship he had with his ex-wife. The handling of Smith’s abuse is the biggest reason I’ve long been against hiring Urban Meyer. He’s that bad a person.

The former position coach also addressed how this thing eventually might not go down. Claiming that Sanders hasn’t signed anything but that he and the school have a “verbal agreement.” And based off that verbal agreement he’s hiring coaches.

To be clear, on its face, the idea of Nebraska football hiring Deion Sanders isn’t weird just because of who he is or where he’s coaching. Prime Time is one of the hottest names in coaching. Why this rumor is weird is because of where it’s coming from.

That Zach Smith would be the guy to break this story wide open seems more than a bit far-fetched. Having paid no attention to the Menace 2 Sports podcast until 20 minutes ago, I have no idea if he’s ever done this kind of thing before. I won’t be spending any more time researching what I consider one of the worst people in or around the sport.

However, I guess if the Nebraska football team does indeed name Deion Sanders the new head coach in the next few weeks, we know who to thank for giving us heads-up. When it doesn’t happen we can all go back to ignoring Zach Smith forever.