Nebraska Football: Head coach rumors reportedly starting to show ‘commonality’

Nebraska football's Memorial Stadium (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Nebraska football's Memorial Stadium (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

There’s very little doubt that at this point, the rumors around the Nebraska football head coaching search are coming fast and furious. There’s also very little doubt that quite a few of the rumors that are popping up are more about people wanting to feel like they’re in the know than they are.

However, when it comes to the Nebraska Cornhuskers and whoever takes the helm next, it’s a safe bet that at least some of the names flowing out there are accurate and are legitimately targeted by Trev Alberts.

When it comes to former Nebraska football star-turned-journalist and commentator Adam Carriker, he seems to think the rumors and whispers are getting closer to zeroing in on at least the top candidates for the top, if not the man who is eventually going to get hired. Carriker made that clear earlier this week when he said that while he’s getting a lot of texts from people mentioning specific names, those texts are starting to show “some commonality.”

In other words, Carriker is saying that while a bunch of people are offering up their ideas on who might be a candidate, people who may not be talking to each other are starting to come back with similar names on their list. The idea behind the tweet is that it’s easier to believe those names when they’re coming from multiple people.

Of course, this all might be a giant game of telephone. It’s possible the different people that Carriker is talking to are all talking to each other as well. The Nebraska mediasphere is a pretty closed loop these days.

There’s also the fact that some of those names have been mentioned from the get-go. Lance Leipold, Bill O’Brien, and Matt Campbell have been mentioned since the beginning as possible candidates. It would make sense that the former Nebraska football star is hearing those names because, literally, everyone has.

However, it really does seem like the volume of the whispers about who is going to be the next head coach has gotten louder over the last few days. That doesn’t feel like a coincidence. It’s possible it’s all wishful thinking but not over a month into the search, it would seem as though there would be some kind of movement.

The Nebraska football team might not be coming close to announcing a name just yet, but the “commonality” could mean we’re closer to getting concrete names as we move toward November.