Nebraska Football: ‘Major program’ coach reportedly enters the picture

Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts stands on the field(Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts stands on the field(Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Nebraska football head coaching search is a long way off from being over. So it should come as no surprise that one name after another has entered the picture for the Huskers over the last few weeks. Now there’s another big name that’s reportedly in play, and it’s someone that is currently working for a “major program.”

Speaking on his podcast earlier this week, football analyst Josh Pate talked about what he’s learned regarding the Nebraska football program in recent days.

"“I will tell you this: I talked to a coach this week who I know is on the wish list for Nebraska … there are guys involved in this coaching search – I know because I’m talking about one – who you’d never guess in a million years.”"

Pate went on to say that the Nebraska football team hasn’t talked directly to this coach because he’s currently working for a major program, there have been backchannel conversations. The bigger point, the analyst said, is that it seems likely that the names that are floating out there are floating out there for a reason.

To some degree, the analyst’s larger point holds true. When someone hears a name that might seem out of place, like, for instance, Jamey Chadwell, it’s likely because Chadwell’s people are using Nebraska football and aiming for something. Usually, in this profession, an extension, and a raise.

Chadwell isn’t the only name that’s gotten out there, for sure. Lance Leipold has been talked about extensively. There’s been quite a bit of conversation about Alabama’s Bill O’Brien as well. Does that mean that none of the names floated are actually in the running? Not exactly. Sometimes the leaks do come from people who know a little something but can’t share all the details.

Pate’s comments about this mystery “major program” coach also isn’t the first time this particular whisper campaign has come up. Pate also believes the man he’s talking about is being seriously pursued. Whether it’s the same one that some media around the Nebraska football program think would be quite popular, is yet to be seen.