Nebraska Football: Deion Sanders shoots down Huskers rumor


The newest Nebraska football coaching rumor didn’t take long to dispel. Earlier Friday afternoon, a college football podcast went on the air claiming they had inside information that Deion Sanders was Husker bound.

They claimed that they knew this was the case because one of the hosts, Zach Smith of Ohio State and wife abuse fame, was told by Sanders’ new offensive coordinator. While the report seemed shady right from the start, Smith was so insistent that it was true, the report quickly made its way around the internet.

However, a former Nebraska basketball star knew one simple way to quash those rumors. He went right to the source.

Erick Strickland, who calls play-by-play for Nebrasketball on BTN+ as well as is a cohost for a local radio show happens to have the cell phone number of “Prime Time.” Rather than sitting on that information, he decided it was time to get some hard information. So he texted him.

It appears that Deion might have heard the talk that he was Nebraska football bound because it doesn’t appear it took any time at all for him to respond to Strickland. Strickland then went ahead and read the text live on air.

"“In the words of Deion ‘Prime Time’ Sanders he said … ‘no truth to it, my brother.”‘"

The obvious reaction from some Nebraska football fans is to be expected. They are right in claiming that of course, the Jackson State coach is going to say that whether it’s true or not.

After all, there’s been no announcement one way or the other from the athletic department.

That might be true, but it feels like this time, Sanders might have been a bit cagier if there were even a bit of truth to the talk. Shooting it down as quick as he did screams that he was never coming to coach the Nebraska football team in the first place.