Latest Scott Frost interview shows Nebraska football pain still fresh

The former Nebraska football head coach is still carrying some baggage from his time in Lincoln, even if he wants to pretend like everything is good.

Former Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost talks to the media
Former Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost talks to the media / Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to know what to take of the first “extensive” interview of Scott Frost since he was fired as Nebraska football head coach. On the one hand, this is the first time he’s really talked to the media at all since fleeing Lincoln. On the other, the piece by Dennis Dodd is rather … fluffy.

It’s such a fluff piece in fact that if I didn’t know better, I’d say Dodd was contracted by the former Husker head coach to write a rather flattering profile of him. In the article, where Dodd says that Frost is older and wiser after his firing, the article does not attempt to dig into why things didn’t work out for the Nebraska football golden boy … even a little.

Knowing that the article seemed intended to rejuvenate Frost’s career, one would go into reading it with a massive grain of salt. A whole salt lick’s worth in fact. But one thing did stand out, whether it was intentional or not.

Scott Frost is still hurting from his time at the helm of the Nebraska football program. And while he claims he’s grown and is wiser than he used to be, it doesn’t strike me as a safe bet that he’s really grown at all if he’s not willing to really look back at why he didn’t succeed at his alma mater.

“The former Huskers quarterback chooses not to reflect on those days,” Dodd wrote after taking a few digs at the university’s leadership. “In fact, he prefers not talking about Nebraska.”

Scott Frost still not willing to really talk about Nebraska football at all

Compare that to his comments regarding UCF. Dodd makes it clear his Frost’s feelings for the Knights are different.

"In 10 years, UCF could be a [national] power," Frost said of his old employer. "It's the best college town in Florida by far. Orlando? The campus is beautiful."

Obviously, Frost is going to have warm feelings about UCF. After all he wasn’t fired there. He didn’t hit rock bottom there. The Knights would probably hire him back in some capacity if he was willing to go. 

Nebraska football would definitely not. But not one positive word about the program he professed to love?

Not one supportive word for the new Nebraska football head coach who has actually had Scott Frost’s back since taking over?

The Dodd article was aimed at rehabbing the young coach’s image as he makes it clear he wants to get back into coaching. But I’m not sure it accomplished that. Even in what was a relatively short piece considering it came from what the author claimed was a nearly hour and half long conversation.

It’s still not hard to see the former Nebraska football coach is still mostly the same person.