Nebraska Football: Ugly accusations surface after Scott Frost’s departure

Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports
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What is currently happening around the Nebraska football program is a tale that is, unfortunately, as old as time. Especially when the larger story is one of rot inside an organization or in this case, a college football team.

Now that Scott Frost is officially in the Nebraska football program’s rearview mirror, certain people around the program and even in Nebraska media are starting to spill little secrets here and there. These particular stories paint a quite different picture than the one the general public heard about the Golden Boy’s regime over the last 4+ years.

Certainly, the internet is always going to be full of rumors and innuendo. Some of those rumors were even going to be born in an ounce of truth. Some are full on, 100 percent accurate. And still others are entirely false, put out there by people who want to be seen as having some “inside scoop.”

Unless someone is extremely tied into the Nebraska football program, it can be hard to tell what’s true, what’s sour grapes and what is just people trying to look bigger and more important than they are.

Having said that, there’s a reason the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” is such a popular one. It’s a truism of course. And when it comes to the things that have started seeping out about the Nebraska football program under Scott Frost, it seems as if the narrative pushed by far too many in the local media; that Scott Frost worked harder and longer and wanted success more than anyone else in the state, was not entirely true.

The whispers have been there before, they’ve been there since the beginning. But during a Sunday interview that just exploded on Tuesday afternoon, one local sports radio talk show host came close to blowing the lid off the house of cards that was Frost’s reputation.

Mike’l Severe appeared on the Hurrdat Sports video podcast on Sunday, not long after Nebraska announced it had parted ways with its head coach. During a long conversation mostly focused on who Severe thought should be the next head coach (spoiler: Matt Campbell), the radio host launched into a lengthy diatribe about why Frost was fired.

"“Just know this, it’s not about the losses, or the lack of wins; you can call it that. There so much … if someone wanted to write a book about this tenure … first of all it would allow Trev (Alberts) to walk away and go, ‘this is why.'”"

Severe then detailed things that he said the Cornhuskers Athletic Director couldn’t talk about but were very clearly major contributing factors to why the former Huskers coach was fired just three games into the season and just a few weeks before his buyout would have been greatly reduced.

“He can’t talk about his head coach showing up late to practice every day,” Severe continued. “He can’t talk about his head coach not making recruiting phone calls.” The radio host also made it clear that now that the regime change has officially happened, he’s freer to talk about these things.

“There’s a whole bunch of stuff …” he added. “It was a mess up there.” He then dropped one of the bigger bombshells of the entire appearance and one that really should have raised red flags. To the point where it’s a surprise things were indeed kept so quiet around the Nebraska football program.

"“You had assistant coaches going to the athletic department, the AD and saying ‘hey, this is happening, help us.’ That should no happen, you should not have to have your assistant coaches complaining about your head coach because he’s not doing what he’s supposed to be doing.”"

While Severe’s accusations are the most specific to come from a member of the local media in the wake of Frost’s firing, those around Nebraska football have talked about the perceived lack of attention to detail before. Of course, it certainly appears “lack of attention to detail” is an extremely generous way of describing what’s been going on in Lincoln for the last four years.

There are other rumors flying around fast and furiously about the now-former Nebraska football coach and some of his other missteps. While there’s too many to list and far too many that haven’t been corroborated to talk about, one doozy in particular is included in a Reddit thread that does its best to explain why once prized Husker recruit Dylan Raiola seemed to sour so quickly on the Huskers, despite his uncle being hired as an assistant coach.

Taking many of these ugly accusations with a healthy dose of salt is important. However, when someone like Severe – who certainly isn’t known as a flame thrower – says the things he said, they should be given the benefit of the doubt.

In the end, all of this leads to one very big question. If things were this bad around Nebraska football, why in the world are we just hearing about it now? “Because it’s over,” is simply not good enough.