Some Nebraska Football EA Sports College Football uniforms behind a paywall?

  • More than 3 uniforms per school are expected
  • How many of those will be free is a question
  • New uniforms could be added quickly
Nebraska football
Nebraska football / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Nebraska football fans are undeniably excited about the impending arrival of EA Sports College Football 25. When it arrives, we know some things and some people that will definitely be included.

We also know some that while guys like Dylan Raiola and Dae'vonn Hall will have their digitized likenesses in the game, we don't yet know just how many different uniforms they might be wearing.

Earlier this week, writer Matt Brown shed a bit of light that allows us to infer what Nebraska football uniforms will be there at launch and what might be a later addition. He also made it clear that there could be some that will be behind a paywall.

Brown said on Twitter that different schools have submitted different uniforms. He did add that most schools have submitted more than simply home, road and alt uniforms. Brown also posited that the EA Sports College Football 25 developers might make it so that users had to buy DLC to get some of those more obscure alt uniforms.

Some Nebraska football uniforms could be behind an EA Sports College Football 25 paywall

That not all the uniforms would be available for "free" certainly seems like a hallmark of EA Sports. The company is no stranger to monetizing that kind of thing. It's the nature of the video game beast these days.

The hope would be that while there would be some uniforms locked into DLC or microtransactions, Nebraska football fans would still get more than one or two uniforms to use as part of the base game.

For those who are perfectly fine paying for extra uniforms, Brown did drop a tidbit that may make their mouths water. The writer said that EA Sports can get a brand new alternate uniform into the game within a week of when it was officially unveiled in real life.

Now Nebraska football fans just need to convince EA Sports College Football 25 developers that including Matt Rhule and the rest of the real college coaches in the upcoming title.