Nebraska football: Majority of EA Sports College Football athletes signed

Some Nebraska football players have announced they're in the game, but it appears many, many more have signed their deals.
Iowa v Nebraska
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While Dylan Raiola and Dae'vonn Hall were the first two Nebraska footbal players to announce that they're in EA Sports College Football 25, they're not the only ones. In fact, EA Sports took to social media on Monday to make it clear that the vast majority of players are "in the game."

In fact, the video game company announced that just two weeks after it started making deals with football players for its upcoming game, about 90 percent of those eligible have signed the deal. Officially, there are more than 10,000.

The deal that Nebraska football players and the rest of the college athletes wanting to be in EA Sports College Football 25 signed is a simple one. Each of the 85 players per team offered this deal get $600 and a free copy of the game.

Nebraska football players could be flocking to EA Sports College Football 25

It's prett clear at this point that the players who announced they were "in the game" was part of a seperate deal by EA Sports. We won't know what they were paid or how, but it's clear the developer wanted to make sure everyone knew some of the most popular players were signing on.

Earlier in the process, there had been talk about a "boycott" because of the paltry sum EA was offering. That's one of the reasons the company announced it's current number.

What better way to get stragglers to sign the deal than show they are indeed just stragglers. That there isn't a big push not to be in EA Sports College Football 25.

It's actually pretty amazing that 90 percent of the players getting an offer have already signed. Though that does mean there are several who haven't. One has to hope they aren't big names.

The big question now is if there are some prominent Nebraska football players who don't sign, will users be able to edit players? One has to think that may not be an option.