Nebraska football great openly rooting for former Husker with new team

Nebraska football great Rob Zatechka makes it clear that he's happy for former Husker Jeff Sims as he lands with a new school.
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The Jeff Sims era of Nebraska football was a short one. While the former Georgia Tech quarterback stuck with the Huskers for the entire season, his time in Lincoln seemed over well before the season ended. Knowing that one of the most interesting aspects of his Cornhuskers career is that even though he had almost no success at all in Memorial Stadium, he's one of the more well-liked players to come through Lincoln the last few years.

Sims made the most of his time with Nebraska, even if his time with the football team was disastrous. And what made him someone popular with Husker fans and former players alike. He was also someone who always looked like a great teammate. 

Even after stepping back from his starting role, Jeff Sims' presence on the sideline was a constant source of support and encouragement for his teammates. His readiness to offer advice and counsel, even in the face of adversity, was a testament to his character and was widely appreciated by those who followed the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Now Sims has officially transferred to Arizona State and is getting a fresh start in the Big 12. Now that he's gone, count former Nebraska football great Rob Zatechka among those who only wishes Jeff Sims good luck and godspeed. The ex-Husker lineman – who played during the period of time when the road grating front line struck fear into opposing defenses – took to social media to share his thoughts about Jeff Sims as he continues his college football journey.

Nebraska football great offers Jeff Sims nothing but the best in journey to Arizona State

"There’s few guys who I’ve wanted to see succeed more than Jeff Sims," Zatechka wrote on X. "Dude has already crushed it, he’s 'won at life.'"

It's safe to say the former Nebraska star's sentiment was shared by anyone who watched Sims try his best, and continue to be the ultimate teammate when his best wasn't good enough. 

His 2024 season at Arizona State is going to be an interesting one. Nebraska football fans can all have some fun watching him and his Sun Devils upset the apple cart this fall.