Nebraska Cornhuskers News: What Harper Murray is focusing on, another bad Sunday

Now that the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball spring practice is over, questions around Harper Murray are getting louder.
Nebraska Cornhuskers outside hitter Harper Murray (27) passes the ball
Nebraska Cornhuskers outside hitter Harper Murray (27) passes the ball / Jovanny Hernandez / Milwaukee Journal

The Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team finished its spring practice session with an exhibition against Denver over the weekend. And now the focus turns back to Harper Murray and just what is going to happen to the hitter who has found herself with multiple run ins with the law.

Murray has stayed with the team amid citations for reckless driving, DUI and Minor in Possession. However, she was suspended for the exhibition match, and that was before she was accused of shoplifting from a Lincoln Scheels.

As she continued to be with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, there have been questions about why she hadn't been punished yet and whether or not she would in fact, be punished by John Cook at all.

At the end of spring practice, Cook was again asked how he planned on dealing with Harper Murray. He once again wasn't exactly forthcoming, though he did let a little bit slip when he said it wasn't really up to him.

Cook also made it clear that he's at least a little concerned about her focus in the middle of all of this.

"Hopefully she’s going to finish her finals," he said in the post game press conference. "That’s the main goal right now."

It doesn't appear the Nebraska Cornhuskers administration is going to offer up any closure on this at this point.

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