Nebraska Cornhuskers star suspended amid shoplifting accusation

Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball star Harper Murray is in more legal trouble after being accused of shoplifting from a local Scheels store.
Nebraska Cornhuskers outside hitter Harper Murray (27) attacks
Nebraska Cornhuskers outside hitter Harper Murray (27) attacks / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball star Harper Murray finds herself in more legal trouble and she might have used up head coach John Cook's charity in the process. Murray, one of the best players on the Nebraska volleyball team was accused in a recent Facebook post of shoplifting $70 worth of rings from a Lincoln-area Scheels.

The Facebook post, which has garnered significant attention, alleges that Murray was caught on store cameras slipping the rings into her pockets. This was despite her also making a purchase of $350 worth of merchandise. 

"She concealed right under our cameras in her pants pockets, after ripping the tags off," the post on Facebook said. "When she got in her car, you can see her putting the rings on."

According to a screenshot of the post acquired by the Omaha-World Herald, the person who made the post also described the car she was driving and provided a Lincoln police report number. That report coincides with a report that details five stolen rings, each worth about $13.

The Facebook user, who was initially hesitant about sharing the incident, ultimately decided to do so out of a sense of responsibility. They believed that if Murray was stealing from their store, it was likely she was doing the same elsewhere.

Nebraska Cornhuskers star in more legal hot water after allegedly shoplifting from a local Scheels.

When the Omaha World-Herald reached out to the university about Murray, it issued a statement saying leaders knew of the accusations.

"We are aware of the incident report from Thursday night and are gathering more information,” the statement read. “We had previously made the determination that Harper would be suspended for Saturday’s spring match. Any further discipline will be handled internally. We will have no further comment at this time.”

It appears that the Nebraska Cornhuskers star was suspended because an incident last month where she was cited for driving under the influence, reckless driving, and minor in possession. 

The announcement of a suspension was an interesting one because neither John Cook nor anyone else with the Nebraska Cornhuskers program had commented on any punishment for the previous incident. 

The Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team is set to play a spring match in Kearney on Saturday.