EA Sports College Football 25 on its way to being crossplay

  • Nebraska football fans will likely be able to play their friends on either console.
  • The crossplay isn't quite official but it's looking like it will be.

In this photo illustration, PlayStation 5 (PS5) logo is seen...
In this photo illustration, PlayStation 5 (PS5) logo is seen... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

As we get closer to EA Sports College Football 25 finally releasing, more details are starting to leak out. It’s still over a month until the game's official reveal, but we do know that Nebraska football will play a big part in it.

It turns out that when gamers take control of the Huskers and start throwing passes to Dae’vonn Hall in the game, they’ll be able to square off against their friends no matter whether they are playing on the PlayStation of the Xbox. 

At least it certainly appears that EA Sports College Football 25 will include crossplay. These sports games have long had online play so that players can take on the same side, or go head-to-head against one another. 

One gamer seems to have found some descriptions that haven’t hit the internet just yet. The user, Shaee Flatt put a picture on social media that was part of the game’s player modes, according to Xbox Live. Those game modes included single player, multiplayer local, multiplayer online and xbox cross platform multiplayer.

It’s that last one that’s gotten the attention of those who are hoping they won’t be limited to only going up against people that are on the same console. And even though Electronic Arts has not confirmed that the game is going to be crossplay, it appears that people can safely assume that it’s going to have that feature.

EA Sports College Football 25 will sport popular feature

Flatt even asked the resident Twitter expert on EA Sports College Football 25. 

Matt Brown has long been someone who has been the go-to reported when it comes to the video game. When he was asked flat out, he basically confirmed it.

“I think cross-platform is *probable*, but until I hear it directly from a developer or read it directly from somebody with an EA email address, I won't say it's for certain.”

Until the company comes out and says the thing itself, it appears that as close as Nebraska football fans waiting for the game are going to get to confirmation that they’ll be able to play with and against their friends, on either console.