Nebraska Football: Worries mount over Willis McGahee’s UCF visit

General view of the UCF Knights helmet against the Tulane Green Wave (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports)
General view of the UCF Knights helmet against the Tulane Green Wave (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football fans are more than a little nervous that Nebraska football commit Wills McGahee might be wavering toward a home-state school.

If you’re someone who follows recruiting year-round and not just on signing day, then you likely know that over the course of a cycle, there are plenty of twists and turns. Unfortunately for some, even knowing that doesn’t make it easier when those twists and turns come.

The latest rollercoaster ride for Nebraska football comes in the form of linebacker commit Willis McGahee IV. The 4-star prospect took an official visit to Central Florida over the weekend and fans are more than a bit concerned.

Why they’re concerned isn’t a surprise. Seeing a Nebraska football “commit” taking in other schools is always frustrating. Husker fans generally suffer from a bit of “whupped pup” syndrome when it comes to recruiting, adding to the anxiety.

Nebraska football fans getting nervous about Willis McGahee IV

Since Matt Rhule arrived in Lincoln, there has been a rather obvious increase in the quality of players the Huskers have been linked to. One of the most famous cases of this was 5-star quarterback Dylan Raiola after he decommitted from Ohio State this winter.

After several months of Nebraska football fans feeling like maybe Raiola was to become the biggest recruiting get since Tommie Frazier, the top prospect in the 2024 class, slipped through their fingers and committed to Georgia. Hard feeling followed the announcement that Raiola was a bulldog. Some felt as though the Huskers were getting “used.”

That move stung. So it’s not surprising that Husker fans are wondering if a native Florida high school kid suddenly looking at UCF might be a similar situation. After all, McGahee’s commitment was a bit of a surprise. It was also pretty early in the recruiting cycle as it came the same weekend as the Huskers’ spring game.

However, at the moment, those who have talked to McGahee are still confident he’s a firm Nebraska football commit. According to the player himself, he told the Husker coaches he wanted to take the UCF visit, and they were okay with it. He says the flirtation isn’t going farther than this visit.

On the other hand, at least one recruiting service believes the Knights are the front runners for the linebacker. Of course, On3 also has the Nebraska football team running third behind UCF and Auburn.

It’s hard to tell whether the experts on that site know something we don’t or whether they haven’t updated in a while since the commitment came. Nothing is ever certain until signing day and Willis McGahee’s actions from here on out will be worth watching.