Nebraska Football: Dylan Raiola rumored to Lincoln in June

Nebraska football star Dylan Raiola (Alex Gould/The Republic)
Nebraska football star Dylan Raiola (Alex Gould/The Republic) /

The Nebraska football team might not be out of the Dylan Raiola sweepstakes after all. New rumors are swirling that the 5-star QB could be in town soon.

It’s been a while since Nebraska football fans truly believed they had a chance to land Dylan Raiola. But hopes and dreams might be rekindled if the latest rumors are true.

Those new rumors are that a weekend that was already going to be pretty big for the Nebraska football team might be even bigger now. Hail Varsity’s Brady Oltman recently appeared on Hail Varsity Radio and spilled some impressive tea.

According to Oltman, there are rumors flying around Lincoln that Raiola is going to take an official visit to see Nebraska football on June 24. At the same time, the Huskers’ beat writer wanted people to know that at the moment, Dylan Raiola coming to Lincoln next month is nothing but a rumor and he hasn’t confirmed anything.

Nebraska football fans have something to get excited about

Now it’s a matter of seeing whether things come together.

The Georgia Bulldogs have been the team to beat for a hot minute. They’ve been the hot team for long enough that Nebraska football fans have decided he’s on his way to Athens.

Of course, there was a time when people thought the only place he was going to USC. And then of course there was the period of time when he was a solid lock for Ohio State.

It’s been hard to read the tea leaves on Dylan Raiola. To his credit, he’s kept things close to the vest but hasn’t really dropped hints in a way that has been disrespectful.

He’s talked about the things he liked about Georgia and Nebraska football and even Oregon. And he’s made no mistake that the Huskers, his uncle Donovan Raiola and head coach Matt Rhule hold a special place in his heart.

Even if the Nebraska football team can get Dylan Raiola to Lincoln, it’s not like they’ve won the recruiting war, but it does show they’ve got a few more battles to fight before surrendering.