Nebraska Football lands Willis McGahee IV ahead of spring game

A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader holds up a sign (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader holds up a sign (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

There’s going to be quite a bit of pomp and circumstance later this afternoon when the Nebraska football spring game kicks off but before fans start celebrating the first time they get to watch Matt Rhule’s team take the field, they’ll get to celebrate the addition of another commitment.

Willis McGahee IV, a highly rated linebacker out of the state of Florida has joined the Nebraska football program’s 2024 commitment list. In doing so, he becomes the fourth commitment in the class and the first one that isn’t located in either Texas or Nebraska. He’s also the first strictly defensive player to be a member of the commitment list.

McGahee IV announced his commitment just as the morning really started getting rolling for Nebraska football fans, who woke up to a snowy start to a big day. The question now is whether or not the 6-foot-1 linebacker is going to be the first of the floodgates opening as the Huskers have quite a weekend of recruiting planned with visitors from just about every future class as well as the 2024 group.

McGahee is currently rated as a 4-star prospect by 247Sports, though the consensus rankings have him slightly lower as a 3-star. Being on the cusp, it does appear that he could jump in the rankings as the recruiting year progresses. Even if he doesn’t he’s considered quite the get by the Nebraska football coaching staff who haven’t had as big a start to this cycle as some had hoped.

Nebraska football gets commitment number four

Football fans in general are wondering about the obvious question, to which the answer is “yes.” The Huskers’ newest commit is indeed the son of famed Miami Hurricanes and NFL star running back Willis McGahee.

it’s never a bad thing to have a player joining the Nebraska football program with the pedigree of someone of that caliber.