Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Roger Gradney first 2024 commit, spring practice schedule, more

(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team got its first commit of the 2024 cycle, and it turns out that it’s a 4-star athlete out of the state of Texas. That news came on the same day that the spring practice schedule came out, amongst a ton of other news.

Roger Gradney, out of  Texas shows that Matt Rhule and company are working hard on their blueprint. Gradney is considered a speedy track guy who at the moment, doesn’t have a set position for a college roster. It’s clear that speed is right at the top of the list of wants for this Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching staff.

Interestingly, despite being among the Top 250 players in the country, he doesn’t have a ton of offers. In fact, the Huskers are the only Power 5 offer.

The tea leaves were clearly pointing at Gradney committing to the Nebraska football team. Earlier today, recruiting experts put in their crystal balls for the athlete. It turned out they were very, very right. Now it will be all about holding onto Gradney until signing day in about 10 months.

Other Nebraska Cornhuskers news

  • While Monday was relatively quiet throughout the day, things started heating up at night. That included the Nebraska football team releasing its spring practice schedule to go along with the April 22 Spring Game. Practice will start on March 19, just after players return from spring break. There will be six practices in March and then seven practices in April before the final scrimmage to close out spring ball.
  • It might have been something that most people knew was going to happen at this point, but Casey Thompson took to Twitter on Monday night to make it clear that he is indeed coming back to the Nebraska Cornhuskers for one more season. The quarterback battle between him and Jeff Sims is certainly going to be intriguing.
  • The NIL Collective focused on Nebraska Cornhuskers athletics signed yet another football player on Monday. Georgia transfer Arik Gilbert has officially signed a deal with the 1890 Initiative.

Other sports news

  • The biggest Monday news around college football is that there are some changes that might be coming that are geared towards shortening the games. Four specific rules changes have been pitched.
  • The first is a prohibition of consecutive timeouts for the purpose of icing a kicker.
  • The second is that there will be no untimed downs at the end of the first and third quarters.
  • The third is that the clock will run after first downs except for inside of the last two minutes of the half. The clock stopping on first downs is of course, a college (and XFL) rule only and not one used in the pros.
  • The fourth rule and the one that is bound to be the most unpopular is that the clock will start running after an incompletion after the ball is spotted. Nebraska Cornhuskers fans in general have already voiced extreme displeasure at this one.