Nebraska Football 2023 spring game and practice schedule

Nebraska football quarterback (Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football quarterback (Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports) /

Now that football season is over, it’s time to look toward the 2023 Nebraska football spring game and practice schedule, which is right around the corner.

The Nebraska football season is officially over. That means Nebraska football spring game season is right around the corner.

Not every college program in the country celebrates the spring game the way Husker fans do, and it seems likely that there will be even more excitement this year considering that people are going to really want to see just what Matt Rhule, Marcus Satterfield, and Tony White bring to the table.

So just when can people start really paying attention to the 2023 Nebraska football spring game and practice? It’s sooner than you might think.

When does Nebraska football start spring practice?

This year, things are going to be getting off to a later start than they have in past springs. Last year, for instance, Nebraska football began its spring schedule at the end of this month.

The team officially put on the pads and started getting ready for the season on February 28. This time around it appears that Matt Rhule and company want almost an entire extra month of winter conditioning before they start full on practices.

It appears as though spring practices are set to begin on March 20. That’s still just right around the corner and it means that Husker fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see what this new and hopefully improved iteration of football team looks like. It also seems that we’ll be getting a full schedule, including what days and times they’ll practice before long.

It’s a safe bet that the only people more excited about spring practice starting next month are the coaches.

When is the Nebraska football 2023 spring game?

With the later start to spring practice, the official end of spring practices will also be later in the spring than previous years. Husker AD Trev Alberts spilled the beans on when the spring game would take place back in December.

He made it clear that the athletic department pinpointed April 22 as the date for the 2023 Spring Game. At the moment, it’s expected to be at 1PM though that’s going to be contingent on the Big Ten Network being ok with that air time. Those who can’t get to the Nebraska football 2023 spring game can watch it on the BTN.