Nebraska Football: Dylan Raiola picking Georgia wasn’t about NIL

Nebraska football Quarterback recruit Dylan Raiola walks the sideline(Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football Quarterback recruit Dylan Raiola walks the sideline(Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports) /

When Dylan Raiola committed to Georgia, many Nebraska football fans believed part of the decision was about NIL dollars, but the family says that’s not it.

Dylan Raiola has moved on to the two-time national champion. The Nebraska football team has moved onto Bellevue West’s Daniel Kaelin. It appears that the two sides are going to go their separate ways, never to see each other again.

How exactly this all shook out is still a compelling mystery to unravel. The Huskers seemed to have a real shot at the nation’s top recruit in the 2024 class. Some even believed they were the favorite. And then the Georgia Bulldogs came roaring in. Once they got in his head, it was likely the end. But according to his family, not for the reasons some fans believe.

Rumors that the SEC powerhouse outbid the Nebraska football program when it came to NIL dollars were so believable that many people just assumed that played at least some part. However, the quarterback’s family has shot that down. In fact, according to Dylan’s father, former Nebraska football star Dominic Raiola, the signal caller won’t be taking any NIL money “until he’s earned it.”

That would seem to indicate that Dylan won’t be inking those kinds of deals until he’s the starting quarterback at Georgia. It’s one of those things the Raiolas can afford to do thanks to Dom having plenty of success in the NFL after his Nebraska football days and beyond.

It feels like this kind of thing would also be a great incentive for the country’s best prospect of the 2024 class. Dad’s telling him he won’t make a dime until he wins a job. Not that someone with the talent and drive of the younger Raiola needs extra prodding, but it appears he’s getting it anyway.

The quarterback’s dad also shared with KFAB’s Jim Rose that there weren’t any kind of NIL discussions with the Nebraska football program either. The 5-star prospect chose the Bulldogs because he believed it was the best fit for his career. It’s hard to argue with a team that will absolutely compete for a third straight title in 2023.