Nebraska Football: Reactions to Dylan Raiola’s Georgia commitment

Dylan Raiola
Dylan Raiola /

Nebraska football fans and those following the Georgia Bulldogs all had some rather interesting reactions to the 5-star quarterback’s announcement.

The Nebraska football team seems to have lost the Dylan Raiola sweepstakes once and for all. That’s the bad news. It’s also the news that most Husker fans expected for a little while now.

While some might have prepared themselves mentally for the recruiting loss, others were holding out hope. Or maybe they’re just always grumpy when a recruit goes elsewhere.

One thing was clear. After dueling rumors flew around the internet over the weekend, the race ended on Monday. Raiola put an end to those rumors himself by making it clear he was headed to Georgia.

It took social media no time at all to react once that news was out there. Easily the most ridiculous and worst reactions came from Nebraska football message boards. There were more than a few people who were just really sore losers about the whole thing.

Reactions to Nebraska football losing out on Dylan Raiola

The “we didn’t want him anyway” takes are always popular for some Nebraska football fans lose out on a talented player. As are the claims that said player would never have fit the system anyway.

And of course there was the truly terrible take that someone Raiola is a coward for going to the best team in college football.

Though I did personally like the one compared Nebraska football to the ugly nerd that got to spend a little time with the prom queen before realizing the Huskers were indeed the ugly nerd.

Other reactions to the 5-star quarterback were far more rational and reasoned. They included future Nebraska Cornhuskers wishing who they had hoped would be a teammate, good luck.

Other Twitter users talked about how special it was that Nebraska football was even in the conversation.

Others believed that it was inevitable that the Cornhuskers were going to be also rans in this particular sweepstakes when all was said and done.

And, as is the case when this kind of commitment goes down. There were some Nebraska football fans who found themselves feuding with other fanbases.