Nebraska Football: Ian Flynt becomes fifth 2024 commit

Nebraska football fans celebrate (Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football fans celebrate (Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Nebraska football team appears to be getting on a bit of a role as it picked up its fifth commit of the 2024 class and the second in three days in Ian Flynt.

The Nebraska football team is going to be making a lot of moves following the end of spring practice on Saturday. There are likely going to be players going and there are going to be commits coming. That now includes the second commit since Saturday as the Huskers 2024 class continues to grow.

While Saturday’s addition of Willis McGahee IV was a bit of a surprise, the timing is really the only thing that could be seen as shocking at all when it comes to Ian Flynt. It felt as though it was just a matter of time, and on Monday evening, he made it Twitter official.

Flynt is one of those Texas prospects that the Huskers have been going after quite hard. He’s a 3-star tight end that has long been thought of as leaning heavily towards the Huskers. He’s leaned that way so long, as a matter of fact, that some thought he committed a couple of weeks back.

Nebraska football gets Ian Flynt

It appears that Flynt didn’t commit back then after all, but he is indeed a member of the Huskers recruiting class now. Flynt joins Gibson Pyle, who also hails from Texas on the offensive side of the ball when it comes to commitments.

Flynt also joins safety Roger Gradney – who was the first member of the 2024 class – McGahee, and defensive lineman Ashton Murphy who is currently the only in-state prospect the Nebraska football team has secured in the 2024 class.

It feels as though things are going to be spinning up a bit in the next few days and weeks, considering just how many people were in town for the Nebraska football spring game. A few more commits this week aren’t out of the question.