Nebraska Football: Huskers got recruiting help from top target’s sister

A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader is hoisted into the air (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader is hoisted into the air (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

One thing that has become very clear regarding the Nebraska football team’s new staff is that they are willing to pull out all the stops when they identify a player they want to bring into the fold. Sometimes, that approach means busting out a special boombox. Sometimes it involves getting former players involved. Getting family members involved isn’t something they’ve shied away from at all.

Enter Amelia Flynt and her very talented brother, Ian Flynt. Ian was part of what has been called the biggest recruiting weekend for Nebraska football in decades, if not ever. He’s considered one of the top tight-end prospects in the 2024 class and someone that Matt Rhule and company have identified as a must-get.

Amelia is already part of the Nebraska athletic program on the school’s track and field team. It appears that her standing with that program was seen as a secret weapon for the Nebraska football staff in getting her brother to commit here. She said as much on Sunday morning through a tweet where she talked about how she tried to help convince her brother that Lincoln was the place to be.

Just how much convincing Ian Flynt actually needs is up for debate. He took to his Twitter account to clarify that he’s still quite enamored with what Nebraska football has to offer. Most of the recruiting services out there consider him a severe Husker lean that is going to pull the trigger sooner rather than later.

There were even some people who think he might have already pulled the trigger. One of the recruiting staffers for the Cornhuskers tweeted out a picture that usually means the program has picked up a commitment.

When someone posited that the fireworks might mean that Flynt had indeed committed, the tight end actually liked the post.

It’s clear that Amelia wants her brother to be a Husker. The coaches want her brother to be a Husker and the fans want Ian to be a Husker. Now he just needs to become a Husker.