Nebraska Football: Matt Rhule signs 8-year deal with Huskers

Head coach Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers talks with officials (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Head coach Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers talks with officials (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /

Matt Rhule is officially the head coach of the Nebraska football team. After almost two weeks of speculation about whether or not the former Carolina Panthers coach would come to the Huskers, the university made everything official on Saturday morning. In making the announcement, the athletic department also said the former Baylor and Temple head coach signed an eight-year deal. Just how much he’s going to get paid is not yet known.

The Nebraska football program will announce more details of the deal on Monday at 1:30 PM when they hold a press conference welcoming Matt Rhule to the Husker family. But for now, the program can start to move on from the Scott Frost era and start looking at what’s to come.

There has been some pushback on the rumors of Rhule. There’s been talk about the fact that his winning percentage isn’t what people were hoping for.

There’s also been more than a few people who wanted to keep Mickey Joseph as the head coach. That makes sense considering the big win he handed the program in his final game leading the team.

While the push to keep Mickey started strong again last night, it was almost certainly too late. On Wednesday, reports started circulating that it wouldn’t be long after the Black Friday game before Matt Rhule was announced.

The big question now is whether or not Joseph might be retained as part of Rhule’s staff. There’s also a question as to whether he’d even want to stay on. There’s been plenty of talk about wanting to get the next head coach to keep him in some capacity.

However, Joseph has gotten a taste of being a head coach at a major program. He might not want to take a step back at this point.

More details about what’s planned for the future of the Nebraska football program will likely come on Monday.