Nebraska Football: The push to keep Mickey Joseph begins again

Nebraska interim head coach Mickey Joseph celebrates
Nebraska interim head coach Mickey Joseph celebrates /

Now that the smoke has cleared and the Nebraska football team has a win in its final game of the 2022 season, some are wondering how they can make sure to keep it going. The biggest way some Husker fans want to keep it going is to ensure Mickey Joseph stays in Lincoln in 2023.

Just how that would work is up for debate. Some Nebraska football fans are worried that the impending hire of Matt Rhule means that Joseph will get run out of town.

Assuming the Rhule rumors are true, it would certainly mean that Joseph isn’t getting the job he wants most. Some Husker fans are quite annoyed that a guy who has a mixed history as a head coach is getting the job.

There’s been more than a few who have pointed out Rhule’s record at Carolina. Others have tried to undercut what he did at Baylor and Temple. And after the Cornhuskers’ win over Iowa, social media lit up with requests to keep Joseph in town one way or another.

Despite the sentiment of the majority of Nebraska football fans that want Mickey Joseph to stick around, whether or not Rhule is going to be staying in Lincoln is still the question of the day.

Some people believe that Cornhuskers AD Trev Alberts might have been carrying out interviews with the understanding that he’d like the next head coach to keep Mickey on staff. Others believe it would be folly to put that kind of pressure on the next hire right when he’s starting his career here.

There’s also the question as to whether or not Mickey would take a job as an assistant after having sampled being a head coach of a major program. There is, after all, still some talk that he was a candidate for Arizona State.

If he does come back, it’s clear that Nebraska football fans will be more than a little happy to have him return.