Nebraska Football: Matt Rhule could be official by Friday

Nebraska football athletic director Trev Alberts(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Nebraska football athletic director Trev Alberts(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

The Nebraska football team could be within hours of getting their next head coach. Yes, this is something that has been said a number of different times over the last few weeks especially. However, there has been quite a bit of smoke over the last few weeks for one particular candidate.

Matt Rhule has been a rather hot name of late for Nebraska football fans. There was even some rumors that he was going to be announced a couple weeks back. But that never came to be.

There’s also been quite a bit of talk that he was officially offered the job by Nebraska, but turned it down. Others have been careful to say that he didn’t turn it down so much as the two sides couldn’t arrive at an agreement. The difference might seem like semantics, but there is the terms of his buyout with the Carolina Panthers to take into consideration. Count Mitch Sherman among those who has now hinted that things between the Huskers aren’t dead between the former Baylor and Temple coach, and the Cornhuskers.

During a recent appearance on the Connor Happer show, Sherman made no bones about how close the deal could be to getting done. He told the radio host that Nebraska football could have their man “before Thanksgiving” and that an announcement would then be coming Friday after the game against Iowa.

While saying that things are not a certainty yet, he believes it’s quite close. Without saying that it’s definitely Matt Rhule, he made it clear he thinks the Huskers have zeroed in on the former Panthers coach. The question now is whether or not Nebraska football can indeed reach a conclusion to  this whole drama.

It’s also worth pointing out that Rhule made an appearance on the NFL Network’s GMFB show and made it quite clear that he wants to return to coaching. Earlier this year there had been talk that he was making enough money from the Panthers that he might sit out the 2023 season.

It was quite clear, especially when he alluded to the possibility of something happening “Monday” that he wants to coach. If he wants to coach for the Nebraska football team is still up in the air.

Sherman did also say that if a deal doesn’t get done this week, the search could last well into next week as Trev Alberts sort of goes back to his backups and rejuvenates those talks.

The question now is whether or not a deal gets done today, and leaks. Or whether Nebraska football fans will have to be on pins and needles on Black Friday waiting to see what happens once the Huskers and Hawkeyes are done playing.