Nebraska Football: Latest Matt Rhule smoke comes from unusual source

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule reacts(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule reacts(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) /

For the last week or so, there has been one rumor after another about Nebraska football and Matt Rhule. Despite all the talk and smoke surrounding that particular union, nothing has come of it yet.

Rumors sparked back up on Saturday night thanks to a rather unusual source in the form of Shawn Peed. It’s the kind of rumors that could go along with talk that Rhule and company are traveling back and forth to Lincoln on more than one occasion.

The rumor is fairly straightforward. Shawn Peed is the CEO of Sandhills Global. More importantly, he’s some of big money behind an NIL collective that is directly tied to Nebraska football. Peed is also someone who had a Twitter account. Until Saturday night.

The Twitter account Certified Husker Rumors was among the first to point out that very recently Peed had started following Matt Rhule. What makes it a bit weirder is that the Sandhills exec deactivated his Twitter account not long after it was discovered who Peed was following.

According to the Twitter account, this isn’t just a matter of Peed following anyone mentioned by the Nebraska football team as being a possible candidate. The only other people that Peed followed that were college coaches were Bo Pelini and Scott Frost.

Why wasn’t he also following Mickey Joseph you might ask? The talk is that Peed and Frost were pretty closely tied. It’s possible he just didn’t want to follow the guy who took over from Frost. Especially Joseph hasn’t always been all that complimentary towards Frost.

The other reason that this latest Rhule rumor seems to be producing a little more smoke than it normally would have is that there has long been talk that the Nebraska football team could be close to getting a deal done with the former Carolina Panthers head coach.

Most of that talk has been that it will get done on Sunday or Monday, or probably won’t get done at all. It’s possible the Nebraska football team is close to a big announcement. It is also possible that all of this is just more misidrect from a program that has kept anything concrete quite quiet.