Nebraska Football: Auburn media thinks Matt Rhule is Husker bound

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule during the first half (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)
Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule during the first half (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) /

While there’s still a pretty healthy debate in and around Lincoln about who will be the next Nebraska football head coach, at least a few Auburn media members, of all people seem to think that the Huskers already have their man. That man is also not Mickey Joseph, who has been rumored to have already gotten the job. Instead, the media members who think they’ve pegged the Cornhuskers head coach believe it will be none other than Matt Rhule.

Rhule entered the picture as a Nebraska football coaching candidate not long after he was fired by the Carolina Panthers. At the time, it was thought he might get the call for a number of reasons. He’s shown that he can build a program thanks to his success with Temple and Baylor. There was also the argument that Rhule could be hired quickly since he’s not coaching an active team.

However, earlier this fall, it was reported that Rhule wasn’t at all interested in the Huskers. Have things changed? Auburn’s 247Sports writers certainly think that’s the case. They’re so confident that Rhule is headed to LIncoln that they’ve taken him off their list of candidates who might replace the recently fired Bryan Harsin.

After the Auburn writers announced they had officially taken Rhule off their Auburn candidates list, one of the message board members asked if his removal had anything to do with the rumors he was headed to Lincoln. Staff member, Nathan King responded, “Rhule is probably going to Nebraska, yes.”

It is, of course possible that King is simply wrong. However it’s worth pointing out that this doesn’t appear to be a situation where he’s the only one at 247Sports who thinks Rhule might be heading to the Nebraska football team.

There are Nebraska media members who have long said that the former Panthers’ head coach could be in play. It’s also possible that Rhule is taking the same approach he was said to be taking with the Huskers and simply isn’t jumping at any openings this year.

While it’s still unclear just when the Huskers will announce the official replacement for Scott Frost, it will be soon. It has to be soon, as there are just a few weeks left in the regular season. It could even be sooner than later, especially if Nebraska football really has found its man.