When is the 2024 Senior Bowl? Location, how to watch & more

The 2024 Senior Bowl is just around the corner since the regular bowl season is already winding down. When does it take place?
Feb 4, 2023; Mobile, AL, USA; National linebacker DJ Johnson of Oregon (12) and defensive lineman
Feb 4, 2023; Mobile, AL, USA; National linebacker DJ Johnson of Oregon (12) and defensive lineman / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

While the bowl season is officially wrapping up in the next few weeks, there is at least a little more college football left once the national champion is determined. One of the last games of this particular season isn’t actually in the season, but it comes not long after everything is finished up.

The 2024 Senior Bowl will be staged just about a month after the final bowl game gets played. For those who don’t know, the Senior Bowl features college football players from all over the country who are wanting one final shot to show what they can do to NFL Scouts.

For some of these players, it’s the only time they’ll be able to get to play in front national television cameras. They’ll be able to get their feet in the door and get an NFL team to take a look at them. Maybe they’ve even get an offer to go the NFL Draft Combine

At the very least, the 2024 Senior Bowl will allow players to strap on their schools’ pads and helmets and jerseys and sort of say goodbye to the place where they bled and sweated and shed tears. So how can you watch the game and perhaps even watch some of your favorite players?

2024 Senior Bowl: How to watch

The 2024 Senior Bowl will be held at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, on Feb. 3 and broadcast live on NFL Network. The game will take place at noon central time on that Saturday.

At the moment, there are no Nebraska football players that have accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl. However, there are several other Big Ten schools who will have at least a few players getting to perform in the exhibition game.

For those who find themselves jonesing for college football all the way into February, the 2024 Senior Bowl might just fit the bill.