Texas A&M star confirms trash talking Nebraska's Keisei Tominaga

  • The Nebraska Cornhuskers star was hit with a technical in the loss.
  • He could be seen losing his temper after a blocked shot in the first half.
Texas A&M v Nebraska
Texas A&M v Nebraska / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

There were all kinds of indicators that things were going from good to bad on Friday night in the “Trev Alberts Bowl” between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Texas A&M Aggies. Certainly a complete lack of anything resembling defense from the Huskers was a big one.

There was also the moment in the first half when Keisei Tominaga actually pulled a rather impressive defensive play. He managed to block an Aggie shot from behind, but then seemed to spoil the moment when he let his emotions get the best of him.

Tominaga - known for his offensive prowess far more than his defensive game - could be seen celebrating in the face of the Texas A&M player whose shot he had blocked, Solomon Watson. The referees quickly rang up a technical on the Nebraska Cornhuskers star, even as his teammates tried to push him away.

I turned out little damage was done as an Aggie was T’d up himself a few seconds later. The double technical meant that neither team really got the better end of the deal. Still, it appeared that was a sign that things were spiraling out of control for head coach Fred Hoiberg’s squad.

After the game, Watson made it clear there had been plenty of jawing between the two teams.

Nebraska Cornhuskers got caught in a trash-talking fest against Texas A&M

“I can’t remember the exact words I probably said,” Watson said after the game. “But I just talk, makes the game more fun for me. It’s nothing personal. He’s an amazing player, terrific shooter. That’s just the way I play, how I like to play the game. Chirping back and forth, it makes the game more entertaining and fun for everyone for everybody to watch.”

Nebraska Cornhuskers fan might take issue with that statement. There wasn’t much fun to watch on Friday night as the Huskers exited the tournament in the first round again.