Nebraska basketball fans crestfallen after blowout NCAA Tournament loss

  • Nebraska basketball ran into a buzzsaw in Texas A&M.
  • They also didn't help themselves with solid play.
  • Husker fans tasted another disappointing ending to the season.
Texas A&M v Nebraska
Texas A&M v Nebraska / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Nebraska basketball team came into tonight full of hope and confidence. There were even NFL stars giving the Huskers enough credit that they saw NU making a long run in the NCAA Tournament.

Then reality set in. Texas A&M came out with a gameplan that the Huskers simply couldn't counter. They took advantage of a Nebraksa perimeter defense that was shakey all season. They charged the basket the way Illinois had done a week before.

And they played smothering defense when they needed to. All of that combined led to Texas A&M blowing out a Nebraska basketball team that was looking for its first ever NCAA Tournament win.

Unsurprisingly, Nebraska Cornhuskers fans had plenty of takes towards the end, and after a game that ended with a frustrating, 98-83 loss.

Nebraska basketball fans crestfallen after blowout NCAA Tournament loss

Right at the top of the list that Nebraska fans did not want to see was Keisei having the moment hit him as he came off the court. Emotions overcame him as the final moments ticked away.

Some fans were blown away by just how many points the Huskers allowed to a Texas A&M offense that simply wasn't all that good this season.

Quite a bit of talk before the game was how Nebraska basketball fans swarmed Memphis to watch their team. That didn't end up being a weapon.

Some fans tried to push down their pain with jokes.

Others gave into the sadness that is a big part of Nebraska sports.

Some Nebraska basketball fans were sad, but they weren't sad for themselves. They were sad to hear a great broadcaster like Kent Pavelka call a game that went so wrong, so completely.

Finally, several Nebraska basketball fans felt as though this game showed where the Huskers need to find a way to improve for the 2024-25 season, to continue making progress.