Sooner fans think ex-Nebraska football star is headed to Norman

Nebraska football fans thought Casey Thompson was coming to Lincoln, but now Oklahoma fans think he might be bound for the Sooners

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It wasn’t all that long ago that Nebraska football fans thought they were about to be reunited with Casey Thompson. For whatever reason, that hasn’t happened yet. Some believe it won’t happen at all.

If Thompson doesn’t come back to Lincoln, he’s got to go somewhere. He officially entered the transfer portal last wee, so he’s not going to be playing for the Florida Atlantic Owls. So where might he go?

Oklahoma Sooners fans think Thompson will eventually end up in Norman. And they’re citing the timing of when Thompson entered the portal as the biggest clue yet as to why he might be heading to the same school where his father played.

The account Sooners Insider pointed out that OU’s backup quarterback, Davis Beville, entered the transfer portal last week. It just so turned out that Beville announced he was transferring right about the same time that Thompson made his move official.

While some Oklahoma fans think that the Sooners should stick with the younger quarterbacks that they have on the roster now, or that are incoming in the 2024 recruiting class. Others however see the benefit of a veteran quarterback like Casey Thompson coming to the program.

Ex-Nebraska football star landing in Norman?

As of now, there’s no way to tell if Thompson might be leaning towards Oklahoma or not. Of course, there’s a reason why the Sooners are thought to have the inside track by some.

He’s the son of Charles Thompson, a former OU quarterback during the school’s glory days. And yet, Casey has played quarterback for two of the Sooners’ biggest rivals in Texas and Nebraska.

There’s also the fact that Oklahoma head coach Brent Venables once talked about the fact that he wanted the quarterback on his team. He now has the chance to get Casey Thompson on board. It will be interesting to see if the ex-Nebraska football star might finally be headed “home” or somewhere else entirely.

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