Casey Thompson Nebraska football reunion talk appears dead

There was some hope that Casey Thompson would come back to Nebraska football but sources claim that's not a possibility.
Florida Atlantic quarterback Casey Thompson (11) passes during the second quarter against Monmouth
Florida Atlantic quarterback Casey Thompson (11) passes during the second quarter against Monmouth / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

Those who were hoping that Casey Thompson was going to transfer back to Nebraska football should move onto another dream, according to some sources that stepped forward on Thursday. The news came just as hopes of that reunion likely took on new life.

On Thursday afternoon, Thompson let it be known that he was entering the transfer portal again. After one season with the Florida Atlantic Owls, he's looking for a new team one more time. That seemed to be the first step in that particular reunion.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping Thompson might come back to Nebraska football to be a kind of mentor for Dylan Raiola, On3's Sean Callahan reported that sources told him there would be no coming back to the Huskers for the quarterback who was the opening day starter for the Huskers in 2022.

It's possible that Callahan's source could be a couple of different people. Nebraska football fans might remember that when Thompson left the Huskers the first time, his father, Charles Thompson went to the media and claimed that Huskers head coach Matt Rhule told the quarterback that it would be better if he moved on.

It's also possible that Husker coaches themselves have ruled out the reunion. Whether Thompson's account of his meeting with Rhule is correct or not, they might not be keen to deal with someone they have that kind of history with, once again.

Nebraska football Casey Thompson reunion off

For now, recruiting experts believe that Oklahoma, as well as several Big 12 schools could step forward and go after the 7th year quarterback.

Casey Thompson will get one more year in the sport thanks to an injury while playing for FAU that saw his season shortened. For the moment, it doesn't appear that will be with the Nebraska football team.