Prior Nebraska Football target about to forge brotherly reunion?

Thought to be an incoming Nebraska Football player early this past year, is now the right time for former Florida Gator?
Florida v South Carolina
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Nebraska Football and recent transfer portal addition Micah Mazzccua have a similarity. Both he and Coach Rhule had prior stops at Baylor. And while some are wary of having a bounce-around person join this program, the upside of his talent cannot be denied.

After a full year as a starting guard for the Florida Gators, Mazzccula has reportedly stated his intentions again to enter the transfer portal. Looking last year like he was on to way to Lincoln, there is one possible additional draw.

His brother, Maurice Mazzcula is on the Nebraska Football roster. And while this of course cannot play the only factor, the chance to play college football would have to be an intriguing one for Mazzccula.

Nebraska Football ties could be a little stronger this time

While not a surprise that he elected to leave, Mazzccula is a clear loss for the Gators who will be seen as a huge gain for someone else. In Spring, he had announced his intentions to transfer from Florida then, but ultimately changed his mind to put together a nice 2023 season.

As of now, he is looking to be trending toward becoming an Arkansas Razorback, but with his tendency to feel out his options, anything is on the table. As an explosive downhill blocker, especially in the run game, Mazzccula is someone that you have to look at.

That being said, if he chooses to stay South or go elsewhere, an underrated aspect of Nebraska football has been the improving offensive line. Seen by many as a clear weakness coming into the season, between the new recruits and returning players, missing out on Mazzccula would not be disastrous for this unit.

But even with his limited remaining eligibility, he would be a great athlete to add to the Nebraska footbal program!

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