Nebraska Football Recruiting: Former Huskers target back on the transfer portal market

Micah Mazzccua (54) walks to his next drill. [Doug Engle/Ocala Star Banner]
Micah Mazzccua (54) walks to his next drill. [Doug Engle/Ocala Star Banner] /

Nebraska football recruiting followers might vaguely remember the name Micah Mazzccua. There was in fact a short period of time when it felt as though Mazzccua was just hours way from announcing that he was going to be a member of the Huskers. Then the former Baylor offensive lineman chose the Florida Gators instead.

Well… guess what? It turns out the former Big 12 offensive line standout wasn’t really enjoying himself in Gator country. Just a few days into his new team’s spring practice, the transfer player has decided he wants to transfer again.

The question at this point is two fold. Would Nebraska football recruiting be well suited to take aim at him once again. And if the Huskers did decide they could still use a veteran offensive lineman on their roster, would they have any shot of landing him?

The second question would seem to be yes. If Nebraska football recruiting zeroed in on Mazzccua they would have a chance. Once again, the Cornhuskers were considered to be one of the top contenders, if not the top contender right alongside Florida.

While the lineman isn’t from Texas he played at Baylor long enough that he’s got some roots back in the Lonestar State. Meanwhile the Huskers staff has all kinds of background in Texas including several of its coaches having worked at Baylor before.

Former Nebraska football recruiting target back on the menu?

The first part of the question …  should the Huskers take aim at him is a bit more complicated. The timing of his landing back in the transfer portal is hard to ignore. It’s not real encouraging to see a player depart so soon after starting practices with his new coaching staff.

Of course, that could be as simple as something like the Nebraska football recruiting target not really getting along with his new coaches before spring practice started and then really deciding their approach wasn’t for him once everything got rolling.

There is also the question of whether the Huskers’ coaches would want to mess with whatever chemistry they’re building by adding someone at this point. To that, I would have to say, yes, absolutely if you can add a talented offensive lineman to the ranks, you do it whenever.

This one is going to be interesting to watch for Nebraska football recruiting aficionados. I wouldn’t expect it will take all that long before his next destination takes shape. It’s worth pointing out there are some big recruiting weekends for the Huskers coming up. Adding Micah Mazzccua to the mix wouldn’t be a terrible idea.