Nebraska football staffer trolls the hell out of Shedeur Sanders

The Nebraska football equipment manager had a bit of fun at the expense of Sanders in regards to all the jockeying for transfer players.
Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

While Nebraska football and the Colorado Buffaloes are not true rivals anymore, it's clear that there is no love lost between the two programs. The fact that they've lost three in a row to their former Big 12 adversary is incredibly annoying.

In the short time that he's been in Boulder, Shedeur Sanders especially has become a rather unpopular personality among Husker fans. That's probably why it was especially funny when a Nebraska football staffer took to social media to poke a little fun at the Buffs quarterback.

Mario Perez, the equipment manager for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, took to X with a very special tweet. In the post, Perez wrote, “Alabama players tap in” over a picture of himself decked out in a Nebraska football uniform, looking … a little less than intimidating.

The post was a clear joke and a jab at Sanders, who posted a very similar message just a few hours earlier. 

Sanders’ message was clearly meant as a kind of recruiting pitch to players who just found out that legendary coach Nick Saban retired. The Colorado player was asking Crimson Tide players who might enter the portal following the coaching change to consider the Buffaloes.

Sanders’ behavior is hardly surprising considering that he and his father have been keeping Colorado’s program alive through the transfer portal since they arrived in Boulder. Sanders of course, is a transfer player himself after starting his career at Jackson State.

Nebraska football staffer has some fun at the expense of Shedeur Sanders

What made the tweet even funnier is that it’s not the kind of thing Perez really tweets. Because of that, it came off as more of an inside joke than anything. While not exactly a social media king, he does have followers, though they ignored the joke and instead kept asking him about uniform choices.

The only questions now are, despite the post being clearly tongue in cheek, will the Sanders clan decide this is Nebraska football once again disrespecting them? And how long will they cry about it?