Nebraska football fans shouldn’t be surprised Deion Sanders act is wearing thin

Deion Sanders walks the sidelines as the Colorado plays Arizona State at Mountain America Stadium.
Deion Sanders walks the sidelines as the Colorado plays Arizona State at Mountain America Stadium. /

Some Colorado fans are already tired of the Deion Sanders experience, and that shouldn’t be a shock to Nebraska football fans who got a first-hand look.

Who could have possibly seen a team built on a culture of “disrespect” and grievances might have a shelf life?

Nebraska football fans for one could probably see it coming. After all, we did that song and dance towards the end of the Bo Pelini era. Add in the fact that it’s not entirely clear if Deion does any real coaching once the ball is kicked off and it shouldn’t be surprising at all that some Colorado fans are already a little tired of his act.

At least Bo Pelini could, at one time, coach a defense. Like actually come up with the scheme. Not just give motivational speeches.

Not that the motivational speeches and the “I got receipts” stuff didn’t work for a time, and might work again before it’s all said and done. It seems likely that when “Coach Prime” and his players decided that the Nebraska football program had disrespected them numerous times, that allowed them to get fired up for their home opener.

Make no mistake, Colorado dominated the Huskers in the second half. This isn’t sour grapes about that. They won fair and square. I continue to shake my head at the purported disrespect that the Nebraska football head coach showed to Deion by stating that he liked his players.

When you take into account that after Colorado came back to beat lowly Arizona State with a last-second field goal, quarterback Shedeur Sanders felt the need to go over to the Sun Devils student section to … show them his watch …  the whole disrespect talk seems more like an act than something they ever really believed.

Dedication to the school can be questioned when the starting quarterback is posting links to his merch shop at halftime of a game against Stanford. A game that Colorado eventually lost after taking a 29-0 lead.

Some Buffaloes fans feel like perhaps Sanders and some of his players’ dedication to the university is also more of an act than authentic love of the school they represent.

Nebraska football rivals act might be wearing thin

The Twitter account Message Board Geniuses, as they often do, showed off some of the highlights, though the complaints from Colorado fans seemed to have a bit more ring of truth than the normal insanity that account tends to find.

One user pointed out that Coach Prime and his team don’t run out behind Ralphie. Nebraska football fans know how long that particular tradition has been around. The same fan also pointed out that this version of the Buffaloes don’t sing the school fight song. They also posited that no one on the team even knows the song.

Another Buffs fan posted that they feel as though Deion Sanders like the idea of all eyes being on him, rather than the university. It’s hard to argue that particular opinion is far off, considering how often he’s made it about himself in post-game press conferences this season.

This is the man who asked if everyone “believed” in how good he was after a Week 1 upset. And did it again after upending a Nebraska football team that was 4-8 last year, in Boulder.

His team got into the Top 25 on the strength of those wins. Since then, Colorado has gone 2-3, and if not for an interception in double OT against Colorado State, would have gone 1-4.

Colorado could go bowling this year. Even a 4-8 season would be an improvement over what they were a year ago. But it’s fair to wonder how long the Coach Prime show will be stomached in Boulder, especially if only mediocre football comes with it.