Nebraska football the latest power program coming for Minnesota LB

Emmanuel Karmo is Minnesota's top prospect in the 2025 class and he now officially has an offer from the Nebraska football program.
 Nebraska Cornhuskers fans hold their shoes up
Nebraska Cornhuskers fans hold their shoes up / Matt Ryerson-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska football coaches no doubt know how annoying it is when big time programs come for players in the state the Huskers should be able to reel in quite easily. That doesn’t mean they aren’t going to return the favor when they get the opportunity.

The latest example of this came earlier this week when the Nebraska football program made an official offer to the top prospect in the state of Minnesota, Emmanuel Karmo. In doing so, it looks like the Huskers are trying to get their foot in the door before the Golden Gophers shut it. One has to wonder just why PJ Fleck and company are allowing Matt Rhule to do so

Karmo is a 6-foot-2 linebacker that might only be a 3-star prospect for the big recruiting services, but it’s clear he’s on the rise. One big time program after another has come calling, including USC and Ohio State.

It took until January 30 for Minnesota to give the linebacker an official offer and that might be the opening that the Nebraska football program needed. Matt Rhule knows all about waiting a bit too long to offer an in-state kid. It can cause problems.

It can cause so many problems that a player the caliber of Karmo, who has more than a few choices, especially in the new look Big Ten, can decide that Fleck’s offer is too little, too late. The Huskers are hoping that is the case.

Nebraska football the latest power program coming for Minnesota LB

The Robbinsdale Cooper is going to have his pick of the litter. Iowa, Michigan State, Missouri, Oregon, Penn State, USC, Ohio State, San Diego State, and Notre Dame have all come calling. For now, the 3-star linebacker hasn’t given much in the way of a hint on where he’s leaning.

That could also be good news for the Nebraska football team. Being one of the latest to get their foot in the door, for now it doesn’t appear they have a ton of ground to make up. The next step is getting the stud defender to come to Lincoln. The Spring Game is always a perfect opportunity for that.