Nebraska football rival's staff keeps fumbling the ball

One Nebraska football rival has had some serious struggles this offseason with Michigan's latest misstep involving an assistant's arrest.
Defensive line coach Greg Scruggs is shown during practice
Defensive line coach Greg Scruggs is shown during practice / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY

Nebraska football is dealing with quite a bit of drama lately, Husker fans can at least take solace in the fact that their staff isn’t a slow motion train wreck the way Michigan’s has been since Sherrone Moore took over.

Moore has had a tough hand dealt to him. Since taking over for Jim Harbaugh, he’s had a hard problem keeping coaches in Ann Arbor. Some of them left to join Harbaugh. Some of them just left with little fanfare.

Those that have stuck around, at least for now, but look like they might be on their way out, such as defensive line coach Greg Scruggs. Before he’s coached a single game for UM after coming over from Wisconsin, it’s possible that his Wolverines career could be over.

Scruggs was arrested over the weekend - and suspended indefinitely shortly after - for operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Ann Arbor just before 3 a.m. on Saturday morning, according to the Detroit News

Not long after the arrest came to light, the Michigan program issued a statement saying that Scruggs has been suspended while they look into the matter.

“Greg made an unfortunate mistake and was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated,” Moore said through the statement. “He made no excuses and has taken accountability for his actions. The football program and athletic department have suspended Greg indefinitely while we review details of the incident.”

Nebraska football rival keeps fumbling the ball with its coaches

Interestingly, there may not be a program that knows about having to deal with a situation like this the way the Nebraska football program does. It was just last summer when head coach Matt Rhule had to dismiss then-tight ends coach Bob Wager before fall practice started.

Wager was also fired for driving under the influence.

The similarities between Moore’s new administration and Rhule’s ends there. Scruggs is the latest gaffe by the program among what has been many. Meanwhile, Wager was the one black eye for Rhule on a staff that has largely been praised from inside and outside Lincoln.

It would be a lie to say that Nebraska football fans might enjoy seeing Michigan struggle this way for a while.