Nebraska football misses Sherrone Moore's rookie season, for better or worse

With Michigan under new manageåment for the 2024 season, Nebraska football fans might wish they got Sherrone Moore before he settles in.
Michigan Wolverines offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore
Michigan Wolverines offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Sherrone Moore is officially the new head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, we'll have to stop dreaming about the possibility of Scott Frost getting that job. Whether or not Moore will do a better job than the former Husker coach could have done is still an open question.

It's also an open question whether or not the Nebraska football team not playing the Moore led Wolverines in his first year is a good or bad thing. Could he struggle in his rookie campaign? Or will he only get better and the Cornhuskers are going to wish they'd faced him before he found his stride.

It doesn't really matter whether missing him in 2024 is a good or bad thing in the long run. The Nebraska football team doesn't have any say in its schedule at this point. NU will just have to sit back and wait and watch at this point.

If Moore has a bad season, it helps the entirety of the Big Ten, it would seem. After all, he's guiding a Michigan program coming off a National Title. He's also taking over a program that could eventually get hit with some sanctions. Maybe even scholarship limits if the NCAA decides to really crack down.

Now that Moore has been named, he's not the guy who took over while Harbaugh was suspended. He's not the guy who is running a few games and then handing things back to the real head coach. The program is his, for better or worse.

Nebraska football will get Sherrone Moore in his second season

The Huskers miss out on taking on Moore in his rookie season, but the Nebraska football program won't go long before they face off against what will be a new look Michigan team.

The two Big Ten rivals will face off in 2025. We'll have to wait and see whether that means they'll see him when he's hitting his stride, or starting to fall down on the job.