Nebraska football wide receiver transfer target hints at decision

Julian Fleming hasn't announced his new school yet and Nebraska football fans are holding out hope he picks the Huskers.
Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Julian Fleming (4) jokes around
Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Julian Fleming (4) jokes around / Brooke LaValley/Columbus Dispatch / USA

Early signing day has come and gone and while the Nebraska football team did haul in a talented and explosive receiver in Jacory Barney, it’s clear that the Huskers want to add another veteran receiver as well.

One look no further than the planned visit of former Wake Forest receiver Jahmal Banks on January 5 for proof of that. And there’s also the continued pursuit of Julian Fleming. The question is whether or not Fleming is really still available to pursue.

If a recent social media post from the former Ohio State wideout is any indication, he may not really be a free agent anymore. Unfortunately, if that is saying what most have decided it’s saying, the Nebraska football team lost out to a conference rival for the former 5-star player.

Fleming took to Instagram over the weekend to show off his “new toy.” That toy was a Dodge Ram truck. The implication seemed to be that he’d just bought the truck and the further implication, at least that most on social media read into it, was that he’d purchased it thanks to a brand new NIL deal.

That NIL deal was almost certainly with a team that he’d decided to transfer to. That already didn’t sound like great news for Nebraska football, considering that’s jut not something the 1890 Initiative has done in the past.

Nebraska football target hints at destination

It gets worse from there. Patrick Koerbler, who writes for the SB Nation Penn State site Black Shoes Diary thinks he’s cracked the code as to how Fleming got the truck.

Koerbler zoomed into the fuzzy picture of the dealership tag on the back of the truck and noticed that it looks and awful lot like an auto dealership that has a partnership with Penn State.

For now, this is just a bad sign and not official news. For now, Nebraska football is still in the running for Julian Fleming. But this isn’t the first time that Penn State has been considered one of the front runners.

Next. Nebraska football hosting two top transfer targets this week. Nebraska football hosting two top transfer targets this week. dark

Should 2+2 add up to 4, it would appear that Nebraska football has lost out to the Nittany Lions. That makes the visit from Banks next month that much more important.

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