Nebraska Football: Reactions to Jacory Barney commitment

Fireworks go off during a light show at the end of the third quarter at Memorial Stadium. (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Fireworks go off during a light show at the end of the third quarter at Memorial Stadium. (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

Jacory Barney surprised the entire college football world, and Nebraska football nation had some serious reactions when he pulled the trigger.

The Nebraska football team’s wide receiver group in the 2024 class is incredibly enticing. The Bellevue 2 were big enough additions. And then Jacory Barney shocked everyone and pulled the trigger for the Huskers.

When he pulled that trigger, he upended the expectations most people had that the Miami Hurricanes were the team that would get him. Those expectations mean that the college football world appeared to be quite wrong on just how good Matt Rhule and company are when it comes to closing a deal.

Fireworks aren’t really supposed to go off en mass until July 4. But there was plenty of celebrating after Barney made it clear that he’s going to be a member of the Nebraska football team in the coming years.

Nebraska football world celebrates about Jacory Barney

Among those who were celebrating the most about the commitment were the Husker coaches. And Evan Cooper celebrated in a way that they’ve made famous in a short period of time.

Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule was a little more low-key than one of his assistants.

Huskers’ wide receiver commit Isaiah McMorris certainly seems happy that he’s going to have a new teammate when their high school careers are over. The prolific pass catcher also threw out some serious praise with his Nebraska football position coach, Garret McGuire. He wasn’t the only one either.

McMorris is far from the only Cornhuskers recruit who was more than a little happy about the Nebraska football team reeling in Barney.

Omar Hales, who by most accounts is the one who started the fireworks stuff on social media after a commitment went back to that well too.

Fellow Florida commit Corey Collier Jr. was likely one of the happiest members of the Nebraska football program on Saturday night. He was, after all, one of the only people who seemed all that confident Barney was gonna be a Husker.

And finally, Garrett McGuire joined in the Nebraska football fun.