Nebraska football fighting off 'dark horse' team for in-state LB

  • Christian Jones is one of the best players in the state.
  • Nebraska football is going to have a fight to the finish for his services.
Iowa v Nebraska
Iowa v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

One of the most impressive aspects of the Nebraska football recruiting apparatus under head coach Matt Rhule is that the Huskers have become truly attractive again to in-state players. It’s no longer a place these kids feel like they have to go because of their roots. It’s a place they want to go because they want to get the program back to where it was when their parents were their age.

That’s not to say that the fights for in-state players with talent like Christian Jones are going to be easy gets. High school talent in Nebraska has been getting more attention from around the country all the time.

Still, the Huskers are considered the favorite to land Jones, who is the top player in the state for the 2025 class.

If the Nebraska football team does have someone it could lose the battle for the 4-star 2025 prospect to, one recruiting analyst believes it would be Notre Dame. In fact, 247Sports’ Tom Loy believes that at this point, the Irish are the only other real competitor.

However, they would still have to be considered a dark horse candidate, if anything. Loy made the comments while appearing on the 247Sports podcast.

Nebraska football needs to fight off ‘dark horse’ team for Christian Jones

“I think that's kind of a Nebraska Notre Dame battle,” Loy said about Christian Jones.”He's going to be in South Bend for their spring game in April and then for an official visit in June on June 7th … I just feel like that's a dark horse there.”

Loy talked about the fact that Christian Jones having some teammates at Notre Dame could sway him a bit. He was referring to Teddy and Anthony Rezac, who both chose the Fighting Irish over the Cornhuskers.

For those worried about the Nebraska football team losing this the battle for Christian Jones, Loy had some words that should put people at ease.

“I think the smart money safe money is on Nebraska”