Ex-Nebraska football LB plans to do double duty at new school

A former Nebraska football linebacker has found his next home through the transfer portal and it appears he has a new idea of how to be an impact player.
Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

The fallout from the transfer portal is till ongoing even though it officially closed a few weeks back, as players who entered in time, can pick their new school whenever. Nebraska football only had a couple of guys leave and now it looks like the biggest name of the small bunch has his new school. He's also got a brand new idea that might have been the big reason he left the Huskers in the first place.

Chief Borders announced his new pick on social media Sunday, and it's certainly not a school that people might have intuited when he first entered the portal. The former Nebraska football linebacker is headed to the ACC with the Pittsburgh Panthers.

While the news of Chief Borders' transfer was already a major talking point, it's his innovative plan with the Pittsburgh Panthers that has piqued the most interest. As reported by Pittsburgh Sports Now, Borders is expected to transition to the end position, a move that could potentially enhance his performance as a multi-time transfer.

Interestingly, one of Borders' comments when he talked to On3's Steve Wiltfong about why he picked Pitt this time around was that he has a plan to campaign for the Heisman trophy. "The Heisman is a trophy I’ve been dreaming about in all of my football years. I believe they can give me the best shot in making it a reality."

Former Nebraska football linebacker eying a Heisman campaign

Yes, on its face, that sounds ridiculous. As any Nebraska football fan would agree, if Ndomokong Suh couldn't win the Heisman as a defensive player, then Chief Borders isn't winning it. However, the newest Pitt transfer has a different idea.

Tom Loy of 247Sports reported that there is an expectation that Borders will contribute both on defense and on offense at the tight end position. If he can put up big numbers at both positions, then he might at least be in the conversation.

Though considering he was just starting to look like a possible contributor for Nebraska football this spring, it's hard to believe he'd be able to put up big enough numbers to actually do get in the conversation. It will certainly be something to watch in 2024.