Matt Rhule again shows why his Nebraska approach outshines Coach Prime's

Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule's distinct approach shines as he shows loyalty and respect towards departing player, contrasting with recent controversies.
Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule talks to Colorado's Deion Sanders
Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule talks to Colorado's Deion Sanders / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

So far this week, there's been an inordinate amount of focus on how Deion Sanders does things at Colorado. It hasn't been a remotely positive focus. On Thursday morning, Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule once again demonstrated just how different his approach is in several different categories.

Rhule's approach is different when it comes to recruiting. It's different when it comes to how he handles his staff. And it's different when it comes to handling his players, even when those players decide they'd rather go play somewhere else. If it wasn't clear before, "different" here should be read as "better." 

"Coach Prime" spent the week teaming up with his son, the Colorado Buffaloes' starting quarterback, so they could both belittle and bully former CU players on social media.

On Thursday, Rhule once again underlined how different his approach is with the Nebraska football program. Once again, he did it without disrespecting Prime and the rest of the Sanders clan. However, it's a safe bet that Rhule's comments will somehow be taken as a slight by the Buffs' braggadocious coach by the time the Huskers get ready to play them in the fall.

This time around, the Cornhuskers head coach demonstrated loyalty and respect when talking about the recently transferred portal-bound Chief Borders. He didn't compare him to furniture, and he didn't have surrogates talk about the linebacker being never good enough for Nebraska anyway. In not doing all that, he showed why things seem on the upswing in Lincoln.

Matt Rhule continues demonstrating why his approach with Nebraska football is the right way

"Like, Chief Borders left us. Chief was loyal," Rhule said during an appearance on Hurrdat Sports Radio. "Chief stayed through the spring. He graduated ... He's doing the next step in his life. He's not quitting us. He's moving to the next thing."

Rhule made those comments because of an earlier quote that got a ton of attention. He spoke after the spring game about tight end Thomas Fidone's loyalty. The Nebraska football coach wanted to make sure people understood he didn't believe loyalty was the only thing that deserved praise.

Rhule thinks that Chief Borders did things the right way. He worked hard, even impressed people with how much he'd come along this spring. And now the linebacker is looking for a place that better fits him.

There's nothing wrong with that. Rhule didn't shove Borders out the door. He didn't call him "mid." 

The Nebraska football head coach once again showed why he earned praise as one of the good guys in the sport, while Coach Prime continued to turn heel.