Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Matt Rhule crashed a wedding, more

Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Matt Rhule had himself a very eventful weekend, and we hope he's not too hungover.
Nov 18, 2023; Madison, Wisconsin, USA;  Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Matt Rhule walks the
Nov 18, 2023; Madison, Wisconsin, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Matt Rhule walks the / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers head football coach Matt Rhule has had quite the month of December. It's been the kind of rollercoaster Husker fans haven't seen since ... forever. It's no wonder then, that the hard charging, hard working coach needed to blow off a little steam and party hard as well.

At least it looks like he was partying hard on Saturday night as Rhule sent out a series of tweets that made most of Husker Nation believe he was drunk tweeting while on a plane heading back from Lincoln after being in Ainsworth.

It turns out that Rhule and most of his staff took a trip to make sure that current top 2024 commit Carter Nelson was still solid for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It appears they got some good news, considering the mood he was in on the return flight.

The fact that he got to partake in a wedding while he was in Ainsworth might have had something to do with his mood as well. According to one Husker fan, most of the town was at this wedding and after the coaching staff paid a visit, they signed some autographs as well. Needless to say that couple has a couple of different reasons to remember Saturday now.

More Nebraska Cornhuskers news

  • While the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team lost a heartbreaker on Sunday, the Nebraska basketball team did good. They did real good. They followed up an impressive win over Michigan State with a big 62-46 victory over Kansas State. The Huskers are now 9-2 on the season and barring a disaster will be 11-2 when they get into Big Ten play for real on January 3. They're looking like a real tournament team.
  • The Nebraska women's basketball team is also 9-2 on the season, thanks to a 76-51 victory over the Southern Jaguars. Amy Williams' squad has one more game before they start B1G play for real. After a season marred with injuries in 2022-23, they're off to a great start as well.
  • The surprising hero of the Nebraska Cornhuskers season, long-snapper Marco Ortiz is getting another honor. He's headed to the 2024 Hula Bowl in Orlando. There's one thing to think about when talking about Ortiz. We didn't talk about him much at all during the season. That means he was doing his job and doing it consistently well.

While Nebraska Cornhuskers fans await the commitment of Dylan Raiola, they don't have to worry about Daniel Kaelin. It turns out he canceled his visit to Michigan State and is solid to Nebraska. That's good news whether Raiola is "N" or not.

Bill Kemp IV is the latest Nebraska Cornhuskers player to announce he's going pro. It's hardly a secret considering he was out of eligibility, but the Huskers leading receiver in 2023 made it official on Sunday.